Where to Travel in America? Must See Places in the US


When I think of America, the images that come to my mind are the  Statue of Liberty and Hollywood. US is the third largest country in the world with many cities and natural attractions that deserve to be on someone’s must-see list of where to travel in America. Almost all attractions in this country are worth a trip. But here are the 5 cities you should not miss when visiting this country.

New York. The state of New York is one of the most popular destinations in the US. From its architecture to its multicultural personality to its best restaurants, NY has plenty of exciting things to offer.

Los Angeles. This is one of the cities in the state of California that should be on the where to travel in America list. If I had the money, I would definitely visit this city, purchase a convertible and take a ride down Sunset Boulevard. After a tiring day tour, I can relax and watch the sunset  in one of the beaches in Malibu.

Honolulu. I know many people who live in this beautiful city of Hawaii. They described this place as a paradise. It offers breathtaking beaches where I can surf. Or plan a snorkeling activity in Kealakekua Bay.

Puerto Rico. It is not part of the US but it is just a short hop from the mainland. This should also be on your list of where to travel in America. There are great beaches in here but the best place is the island of Culebra where you can have an enjoyable beach-hopping trip, exciting snorkeling activity or thrilling hiking expedition in the wildlife.

San Diego. Most of our relatives who settled in the US considered San Diego as their second home. This place has many things to offer, like its Mexican specialties, aquariums, zoos, and aquatic parks. The West Coast provides tourists a fantastic place for surfers. It also presents with beautiful diving spots and places where you can witness amazing sunsets.

Other places that should be on the where to travel in America list would include Washington, DC, Miami, Las Vegas (luxury resorts and five star hotels),Chicago and Colorado.

How about you? What do you think is the most beautiful place in the US that should also be in a person’s where to travel in America list?

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