Cheap Airline Tickets to Italian Riviera

Because there are no direct flights from Manila to Rome, tourists from the Philippines will have to take a flight with two stops to go to Italy. The cheapest airline ticket I could find (so far) is $1,249, including taxes and fees. The most expensive airline ticket is a roundtrip ticket via Philippine Airlines and Turkish Airlines with two stops and a travel time of 21 hours and 20 minutes.

Cheap Airline Tickets to Italy reaching Italian Riviera

  1. $1,249 - Multiple Airlines (Malaysia Airlines, KLM) 
  2. $1,264 - Multiple Airlines (Philippine Airlines, Finnair)
  3. $1,286 - Multiple Airlines (Malaysia Airlines, KLM, Cathay Pacific)
KLM is one of the popular cheap airlines that fly into airports that serve Italian Riviera, Italy. The average travel time is 20 hours from Manila to Italy. 

Experts advice on flying via cheap airline tickets. 
  • Read the rules and baggage instructions provided by your airline's website. They advise to take small cases when traveling. 
  • Wear  appropriate clothing for airport checks and safety. Do not use/wear metal objects that will set off metal detectors. Remove them before going for security scan. 
  • Check in two hours before your flight. 
When booking cheap airline tickets to Italy, you should not expect to have luxurious seats or free food. It may be inconvenient but you get what you pay for. The budget price makes it possible for you to travel from Manila to Italy in going to Italian Riviera. 

Sadly, travel by train or by car from Manila to Italy is not possible.

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