Hotels to Stay in Italian Riviera

What hotels to stay in Italian Riviera?

Italian Riviera is one of the most amazing places in Europe. Keep in mind that lodging options tend to be more expensive when staying there during peak season (June to August). Experts recommend asking for a sconto bassa sagione when you want to take advantage of its low-season discount. 

Budget hotels to stay in Italian Riviera

  • Agnello d'Oro. The owner of this hotel will be happy to assist you with your plane reservations and travel plans while staying in this place. 
  • Best Western City. It is located in the heart of the city. This hotel has suites on  top of the floor offering spectacular views. Each room has Wi-Fi connection. 
Expensive hotel to be while visiting this magnificent place
  • Splendido. This is indeed a splendid luxury hotel built in the 1920s. Each room is gorgeous with lovely views. Their staff is very friendly and caring. Unfortunately, you need to spend more than 100 euro just to have lunch for two in this place. 
Upscale hotel in Italian Riviera
  • Eight Hotel Portofino. It offers luxurious accomodations right in the middle of the village. It has its own secluded garden at the back where you can visit in the morning and have coffee or chat with your travel partner. This is your best bet if you are staying in Portofino. However, if you want a hotel to have sea views, then you might look at some hotels that offer such view. But what I like about it most is that it allows (some) pets. 
Mid-Range hotel
  • Grand Hotel Miramare. It has a private beach with top-notch service. It is located overlooking the bay south of the city. The place is so inviting as it offers lush garden, heated swimming pool and private swimming area on the sea. To further provide you with attractive views, this hotel has antique furniture, like marble bathrooms and crystal chandeliers. 
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