Where to Travel to While in Italian Riviera

While in Italian Riviera, there are places where you can spend a great time exploring this wonderful piece of Italy.

Where to travel to:
  1. Therapeutic Massage. It is one of the most recommended attractions in Italian Riviera. It offers unique way of massaging your body. According to its past customers, the owner knows how to identify which muscle of the body is in pain. (I wish I could go there to give it to alleviate my muscle pain on my right shoulder.)
  2. Alassio. It offers white-sand beaches and beachfront promenade. While visiting this place, you can grab a seafood for lunch or spend your day in its white-sand beaches. You can end your trip here by shopping on its caruggi. 
  3. Chiavari. It is a village with twisting streets and great harbor. Most of its citizens are from South America who emigrated there in the 19th century. Although the town has been modernized, you can still see medieval traces by looking at its buildings. 
  4. Cinque Terre. There are two adjectives to describe this place: charming and breathtaking. This has been featured in various movies (if I am not mistaken). It offers great views of rocky coast and provides access to secluded beaches. 
  5. Genoa. This is another must-visit-where-to-travel-to while in Italian Riviera. This is the same place where Christopher Columbus was born. Today, the city is adorned with beautiful palaces, churches and art collections. 
  6. Castles/Palaces. One of the castles that you can explore in Italian Riviera is Castel San Giorgio, which is dedicated to local archaelogy. Or you can explore Palazzo Ducale, which was built in the 16th century. To visit this dungeouns and tower, you need to make a reservation ahead of time. 
There are just some of the suggested where-to-travel-to places when visiting Italian Riviera by expert tourists.

Photo Source: Travel Guide

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