List of Pet Peeves: 10 Annoying Things That People Do

All of us have our own list of pet peeves. They can come during a movie or while sitting quietly in a park. Although some of them may relax others, oftentimes they are just plainly annoying old habits. Here are some of the pet peeves that really annoy most people, including me.

(My) List of pet peeves (do they annoy you too?):
  1. People listening to extremely loud music in their car while you are there next to them. 
  2. People who do not clean their dog's feces. This is included in my list of pet peeves. As a responsible owner, you should pick up your dog's poop. It is part of your responsibility when you have to walk your dog in the city. 
  3. Drivers who blare the horn of their car when the car in front of them does not zoom away as soon as the light turns green. Car horns are there for safety reasons and not to express displeasure. 
  4. Sales assistants who will follow you around the store as if to warn you not steal something from them. 
  5. People in ATM queues who wait until it is their turn to use the machine to fumble on their bag or purse  looking for their card. 
  6. People who ask you when you are going to get hitched. 
  7. People who sneeze into their hands and do not even wash their hands after. 
  8. People who steal your ideas and get credit instead of you. 
  9. People who talk loudly while they are using their mobile phones in public. 
  10. People who are always late (my group mates). 
Pretty sure you have your own list of pet peeves. What are they? Can you share some of them here? 

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