The WWF: 4 Things To Help Save The Dwindling Population of Tuna or Fish

The WWF is promoting ways to help us enjoy a sustainable seafood.

According to them, the number 1 problem of sea creatures is overfishing. Millions of jobs could disappear if this problem would continue. As a result, people who only eat fish as their main source of animal protein because of their health conditions could go hungry. Because of this, the WWF has partnered with Uniliver to establish the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). Its goal is to promote a sustainable fishing around the world. If you support this advocacy, we no longer have to worry about the depletion of fish stocks.

Things that you can do to save the dwindling population of fish. 

  • Patronize products with MSC eco label. This is to offer your support to fishermen who only catch fish for sustainable living. 
  • Talk to fish sellers and restaurant owners to only purchase fish caught sustainably. 
  • Do not buy shark fin. Keep in mind that shark fin only contains little nutritional value. It may also harm your health in the future as it contains high levels of mercury. So, say no to shark fin and spread the word. 
  • Purchase tuna caught through sustainable fishing
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