Google Translate: 3 Ways to Help You Communicate While You Go Travel to a Foreign Land

If only you could always bring a laptop and let Google translate help you avoid embarrassing yourself when you go travel in a foreign land, then you would not have a problem communicating with a foreigner. But this is not feasible. Thankfully, there are ways to stave off the awkwardness even if you do not take your iPad with you and use Google translate each time you talk to someone, say in Tagalog or in French.
  • Familiarize the five important phrases. When you go travel to a foreign land for a vacation, you must first learn key phrases that can help you communicate with the locals. These phrases will include the following: 
    1. Excuse me. (Pardon or  Excusez-moi in French) (Ipagpaumanhin in Tagalog)
    2. Do you speak English? (Parlez-vous anglais?) (Nakakapagsalita po ba kayo sa Ingles?)
    3. How much does this cost? (Combien ca coute?) (Magkano to?)
There are other phrases that you should learn that can assist you to easily communicate with the locals without the help of Google  translate.
  • Learn how to pronounce those phrases. Mispronouncing them can be prevented if you have been practicing saying them before you embark on your journey. Google translate has its own audio pronunciation tool that allows you to hear the proper way to say those phrases. 
  • Ask the assistance of the hotel staff. Most of the time, desk clerk at your hotel speaks multiple languages. And yes, they will be happy to assist you with it. 
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