How To Be Perfect: Rules To Become A Perfect Individual

Many individuals want to be perfect. There are many rules suggested by experts but none of those rules truly work. We think of celebrities. Their fame and fortune. Their clothes. Their money. But, no matter how hard they try to succeed in their lives, they are still not perfect. 
Before, I thought that to become a perfect individual, I needed to study hard in order to have a successful career, thereby, allowing me to buy things that I want and need. But I just learned that there are only three rules that I need to follow so I can be a perfect individual. 
What are these rules? 
1. Follow the 10 commandments.
2. Sell what you have -- house, clothes, etc. 
3. Give to the poor. 
If you could follow these three rules, you could be perfect. Unfortunately, for many of us, these three rules are very difficult to keep. This is especially true if you are rich.(Matthew 19:18-21).
What about you? Can you stick to these rules? 
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