How to go to Potipot Island as Incentive Travel

How to go to Potipot Island? Simple. Ask your employer for an incentive travel so you can go to Potipot Island.

However, if you don’t want to trouble your boss about it, you could save money and go solo in this island.

How to go to Potipot Island?  

From outside Philippines, you must travel from your place to this country. Then, from the airport, you need to go a bus station and catch a trip to Iba, Zambales.

From Iba, you need to ride another bus to go to Sta. Cruz. This is where you will find a boat that can take you to the island. The travel may take around 10 minutes.

When you go to Potipot Island as your incentive travel, you must only ride the bus. Avoid hiring tricycles. The fare will be higher than the bus.

The fee for riding a boat will be approximately PHP400. To make it cheaper, wait for other people who are also traveling to Potipot Island.

Make sure that you tell the boat owners that you’re not a tourist but a backpacker. This is because they’ll charge you double if they think you’re a tourist traveling to this island.

Camping over staying in a resort

In order to make your travel to Potipot Island a lot cheaper, you should consider camping on the beach, instead of staying in a hotel or cottage. As long as you have a tent with you, you can set it up under the shade of trees.

Should you bring food and water?

Before you go to Potipot Island, make sure that you’ve collected enough drinking water and food while you stay here. There’s no food that you can buy in the island.

The drinking water can be obtained through a pump. But there’s a dull taste that you might not like. If you’re not used to it, then better bring bottles of drinking water.  

Little Boracay

Potipot Island is known as the Little Boracay of the North. It’s a hidden gem with pristine blue water. Unlike Boracay Island, Potipot has no commercial establishments, which is great to avoid polluting the area. This is also one of the reasons traveling there is a lot cheaper than going to Boracay.

Day tour package

If you plan to go to Potipot Island with a guide, you can try purchasing a day tour package, which may cost around PHP1,000 per person. This package is usually offered by resort owners. The package will include the use of pool, tree house, etc. It also includes entrance fee, life vest, boat fare, and insurance.

Where to find day tour or overnight packages? You may visit It offers cheap packages and great deals for those who wish to go to Potipot Island.