AXA Insurance for Travelers: Is It Worth It?

Traveling can be fun. But anything can happen while you travel. You might catch a disease while in foreign soil or lose your passport, laptop or checked-in baggage. And these are just some of the reasons you need to purchase travel insurance. One of the insurance options you can purchase is from the AXA insurance company. 

AXA Insurance for Travelers: What Is It 

AXA is one of the well-established insurance companies in the world. It has a wide array of coverage options. Each option is provided with great prices. Thus, if you are looking for a high-value plan when you travel, consider AXA and its offerings. 

The company offers high personal accident coverage. It also provides excellent coverage for medical events when you travel to global regions. Although the company offers affordable rates, its travel insurance options are not ideal for those who are looking for budget trips. 

Essential and Comprehensive 

Both AXA essential and comprehensive plans offer decent value for your money. They have higher coverage with excellent protection against personal death. The plans aim to give beneficiaries the best deal when they travel out of Asia. 

But this travel insurance does not include extra VIP and built-in benefits. Then again, you can customize your plan with several value-added features. For instance, you can purchase a plan with coverage for your pet care or dental access for an additional price. This is ideal if you are an active traveler who wishes to obtain greater protection for your equipment coverage and personal accident. 


AXA implements standard exclusions, however. These would include mental disorders, pre-existing conditions, voluntary exposure to danger, participating in competitive sports and traveling to places against the recommendation of your country. You must ask your agent about the exclusions before you sign up. 

Essential Plan 

It is an ideal choice for travelers who want a well-rounded plan with greater emphasis on personal accident. This type of travel insurance will also include medical coverage that is competitive with decent value for your money. This plan features the best coverage for baggage loss and personal accident. 

The Essential Plan’s affordability will depend on where you are going. If it is just within Asia, then this is one of the cheapest plans you can obtain. It is also a competitive plan for yearly policies. 

Comprehensive Plan 

This one offers good value for your money. It offers personal accident coverage, which is the best in the industry. It includes high coverage for any damages to your baggage or you lose it. Any delays will also be covered. But its coverage for trip cancellations and trip delays is below average. 

Then again, you can customize your comprehensive plan to include features like sports equipment, rental car excess, and pet care. But you will have to pay for an additional fee. How affordable this plan is will hinge on your preferences. 

Why Opt for Travel Insurance from AXA? 

Traveling overseas for leisure or business will need extensive preparation to make sure that your journey will be safe. For that reason, getting travel insurance from AXA is essential. It acts as your safety net against any unforeseen health expenses. It also protects you against any travel-related emergencies that could ruin your trip. 

Unforeseen Medical Expenses 

No matter how careful you are while planning your trip, there are just things that could go wrong while you are on a foreign trip. It makes you more vulnerable while stepping on foreign soil. 

Incurring medical emergency costs could lead to financial stress as you did not budget it. If this would happen, it could turn your entire holiday into a nightmare. That’s why you need travel insurance to rescue you from this nightmare. AXA insurance for travelers will give you coverage for medical emergencies. 

Furthermore, the cost of healthcare overseas can be more expensive. Just going to a hospital for a minor issue will be costly. With that in mind, getting a comprehensive AXA travel insurance will cover any out-patient expenses. 

Personal Liability 

In some cases, the emergency will involve damaging a third party, like a person or a property. To cover it, AXA travel insurance has a personal liability overage that will include expenses for third-party damages. 

Travel-Related Situations 

While traveling to a foreign land, you may not encounter a medical emergency. However, you likely face a non-medical emergency, like losing a passport, checked-in baggage, laptop, international driving license, etc. Travel insurance from AXA can provide you with financial support to handle those emergencies. Thus, it is ideal that you have this type of insurance by your side while you travel anywhere around the globe. 


Some countries require visitors to have travel insurance. You need to present this insurance at the immigration counter. If you cannot present any travel insurance when you visit those countries requiring travel insurance, then you might not be allowed to enter the foreign soil. 

There are also cases where visa applications are rejected because of no travel insurance. Thus, before you travel abroad, make sure that you check out the destination country and find out if it needs travel insurance and what type of coverage it requires. 

With AXA insurance, you can be sure that you are protected adequately while you travel overseas. It gives you peace of mind on your next trip. It offers the right travel policy at a competitive rate. It covers personal accident and death, medical, emergency medical, trip cancellation, trip delays, baggage delay, loss or damage. 


AXA insurance is one of the best companies offering travel insurance with decent value for your money. It is ideal for individuals who wish to have excellent personal accident and death coverage. The plans are well-rounded with high coverage in each area for any budget plan. 

Do not make the same mistakes as others did. That is, traveling without a comprehensive policy. With AXA insurance, you can get substantial coverage in case of a life-threatening situation, medical emergencies, and non-medical situations. It also covers expenses for any third-party damages.