Helpful Tips for Skydiving for the First Time

Skydiving for the first time can be nerve-wracking. So, how do you prepare yourself for a different kind of experience that involves stepping out of a plane in flight? 

You may think that there is nothing you can do to ready yourself for this kind of experience. But there are some ways you can do to ensure that your experience will be memorable and fun.  

Skydiving for the First Time —- Should You Eat a Moderate Meal? 

It is not fun to skydive on an empty stomach. But you must not have a full stomach when you do this activity either. 

Skydiving on an empty stomach will make you feel more nervous. You must arrive at a drop zone with a nourished stomach. In case there is a waiting period, you must bring some snacks. 

Is Too Hard? 

If it is your first time, though, you will be in a tandem dive. Here, you will be strapped to another person through a series of knots. That person will throw you out of a plane first before he falls with you in less than a minute. 

It depends on how high you will be jumping from. He will also pull the parachute. The two of you will land safely on the ground. 

Because you have a partner, it will not be a strenuous activity. Your partner will do most of the work as the gravity will take care of the rest. The harness that you are in will get a little snug. But it will not be a problem. 

Who are the People You Dive with? 

These are the individuals who are certified to tandem dive with you. The people who will throw you out of a plane have done this task several times. And they all landed successfully each time. 

Getting Some Sleep is a Must 

Unfortunately, for many of you first-timers, the thought of skydiving can be nerve-wracking. It might not put you to sleep the night before. It is a natural phenomenon. However, you must do everything you can to get a good night's sleep before the event. 

Bear in mind that skydiving for the first time can be a huge life event for you. 

What Clothes to Wear During Skydiving? 

You must use a jumpsuit and avoid wearing loose-fitting shirts and shorts, as they will only make you chilly on your jump. 

The best clothes to wear during your skydiving session is to use close-fitting layers. If you have a jumpsuit, then that would be better as it will keep your clothing in check. 

In some skydiving shops, they will lend you suits that will make you look like a dork. Yes, you will look a bit strange in your skydiving photos. 

Is There a Waiver to Sign Before Skydiving? 
You do not have to write a will before you do this activity. You will not die and your loved ones must not be concerned about you. 

However, you do need to sign a skydiving waiver. This is a kind of waiver that might convince you not to skydive.

In life, though, there is always a risk you need to face. Thus, if you like to have fun, you should do it. Skydiving can be once in a lifetime event in your life. Thus, make sure to enjoy it. 

What If You Are Scared to Jump? 

It is normal to feel scared of jumping once you are on the plane. You might be thinking that it is your last day on Earth. But it is not. Do not let your fear consume you. After all, you have paid for this activity and there is no way to get a refund if you do not jump. 

Once you are up there, you will come down no matter what, even if you do not jump. 

How Does It Feel When the Plane Door Opens? 

It can be really cold up in the clouds. But you must not be scared. It can be terrifying, true. However, you will be jumping with a partner. So you will not be alone. 

Free-fall can be terrifying, only when you look down. It will be obvious that you are falling. But the free-falling is the most fun part of the activity. You will think about dying. 

However, when your partner presses the button to open the parachute, you will realize that you are not going to die. And the entire activity will be fun again. The free fall can be amusing and terrifying. But it is mostly fun. You will surely consider to do it again. 

Free falling is only within a few minutes. But during those minutes, you will be amazed by the view. You might want to touch the clouds but you can’t. 

How About the Landing? 

Your partner will do it for you. He does all the hard work. He will steer you down and lift your feet up. It is like sliding and then someone will come to unhook you. 

But before you go skydiving, make sure that you know the timeline of the activity. That is, what time to arrive at the drop zone and when you land from the jump. Knowing these things will help you relax. 

You might want to meditate or do some yoga the night before the jump. It will help you calm your nerves. You should also consider getting travel insurance that includes skydiving coverage. But remember, this is not a dangerous activity. Rather, it is a fun activity that you will never forget. 

And another thing to remember is to prepare your camera. Make sure that you get the photos and videos. You must record everything, from the plane to the jump to the landing. 

It does not matter how terrified you are. Remember, this is your first skydiving activity. There could be more to come or none. 

To get the most of skydiving for the first time, make sure to breathe deeply and often. Remember, you are not alone in this. You will be with someone who will do the hard work. What you need to do is enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.