No iPhones or iPods

No to iPhone(Photo: -- It had been on the news last Wednesday (Philippine time) about the Gates's family.

I sympathized with Melinda Gates because I, too, can't bring iPhone or iPod inside our house, not that they are banned items but because I don’t have one. Surely, even the richest family cannot have everything they want, huh?

At the end of last year, iPhones are exclusively available at Globe Telecom offices. The price ranges from PHP22, 000 to PHP28, 000, depending on the capacity of the iPhone. Since telecompanies in the Philippines are utilizing subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, these extravagant iPhones are modified to recognize SIM.

iPods have long been available in the Philippines, at a choking price of course. But if you are short of budget, and you really want to be "in" the group, ayPod or muragiPod is good for you. You can have it for only PHP 1,000.

Melinda and Bill Gates
Going back to the Gates's, Melinda and Bill Gates are actively involved in humanitarian programs through their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation of which the foundation has global health program, global development program and the United States program.

Last month, Bill Gates unleashed a swarm of mosquitoes in a conference to spread awareness about the malarial disease. To help develop a malarial vaccine, it was revealed that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would provide $168.7 million to the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative.

Well, I guess, for Bill Gates, there are more important things than having an iPod or an iPhone.

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  1. yay! wonder why it's not allowed...hehehe
    Got one, ipod nano from US. It was over 10k pa during that time. Taz pag deliver ng ???? over 5k ang tax...wah..bakit ang mahal ng tax ng ipod.


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