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Village Idiot SavantWhen Viewpoint Publication a.k.a Travel Philippines Entertainment wasn’t born yet, blog hopping was already a part of my routine when I'm online.

There are blogs that I loathe because of poor grammar. Although, there are blogs filled with pertinent information but I feel nauseated when I think of how they mistreated the English language.

However, there are also blogs possessing impeccable and nicely written articles, such as Dominique Cimafranca's Village Idiot Savant.

Dom is a good friend of mine, who's currently living in Davao City. He's a professor in a university teaching open source technologies, like Ubuntu. He's also a writer, a poet and a geek (?).

I was never curious about the name of his blog, "Village Idiot Savant." I know that savant means sage, but the "village idiot" part didn’t tickle my fancy, until I stumble upon the meaning of "idiot savant."

What is "idiot savant" anyway? Idiot savant is a term used to describe people who are mentally impaired; people having extraordinary skills. It was told that idiot savant originated from the concept of village idiot.

During the Middle Ages, "Village Idiots" uncommon abilities were considered to be witchcraft and most of them were killed.

But Dom's Village Idiot Savant is not about witchcraft, instead, it deals with, well, just anything under the sun.

"I jump back and forth between literature and technology," Dom confessed.

Also in his blog, Dom discussed topics that are political in nature accompanied with sarcastic comments. But my favorite post is still "Don't Be Caught Dead" and dot dot dot. The article has something to do with "baconized underwear." What's baconized underwear? It's up for you to find out.

I got to say that Dom's blog is undeniably engaging.

Btw, thanks for the coffee, Sir Dom. :D

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  2. can we exlink? i added you already :)

  3. MyJoyz, okay.
    Dom, You're welcome.
    Digital Polaroids, Ty.
    Jhaelexis, I've seen it but my blog is not Village Idiot but Travel Philippines | Entertainment. I was just reviewing Dom's blog :)

    Thank y'all.


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