Best Buy Gift Card For Father's Day 2009

Best Buy Gift Card

(Image from Besides the Father's Day gift ideas recommended by, Best Buy gift card is also a neat idea. Best Buy gift card is used to redeem non-monetary gift from the company—Best Buy.

How can I get Best Buy gift card for Father's Day? Hmmm… I have two options, actually. First, I have to purchase Best Buy products and sign up for rewards membership. Or I can buy a Best Buy gift card myself ($5-$500).

When I already have the above mentioned gift card, I have to earn some points in order to receive certain gifts or promos. Best Buy gift card will also allow me to get discounts and other perks associated with it.

But I have a problem. If I were to purchase Best Buy gift card and give it to my father as a gift for Father's Day, I'm not sure if he could use the card in the Philippines... (wondering)