Adgitize: Click And Get Paid

Almost all Adgitize publishers and advertisers of the said company got their due earnings, excluding me. But not until last week, I was astonished to see $10.81 added to my PayPal account.

I almost gave up clicking 100 Adgitize ads from other members in the community almost every day. But this payment gave me enough encouragement to continue spending more than an hour of clicking on ads and be rewarded with corresponding points. Why an hour? Because some bloggers write engrossing articles that compel me to stay and read the rest of their posts.

I did not pay anything, but Adgitize gave me $10.81. I just published (articles) and clicked (ads) and Adgitize rewarded me with this…

Adgitize Payment

To learn more about the program, please click Adgitize

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