Ebay Speed Bump Error: How To Solve Speed Bump Error At Ebay?


That was the first time I used eBay to purchase online. Unfortunately, I had to face Speed Bump Error when I was about to pay. The said error says: Sorry, you've hit a speed bump! To continue checkout, please try again. But nothing happened when I tried it twice.

So, I googled the error and this is what I found:

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I have encountered this Speed Bump thing today in paying via Paypal. Guess what! Ive searched solutions from other countries and I tried this one which worked! It's not a problem with the seller but with Paypal in our country. Then I was able to pay my seller even if i contacted him.
1. Go to http://www.ebay.com (US)
2. Sign in as usual
3. Go to My Won
4. Use checkout and pay as usual(you will need to log in at Paypal)
4. After ebay.com says Thank you for your payment, click view your order details. Payment will be confirmed and an email will be sent to you at your email address.
5. Forward this email message to the seller (just in case he does not receive it, but I'm sure he will coz Paypal will mail him too.)
6. Problem resolved!

I hope this helps. It helped me!

Yes, it did help me. I was able to pay for the item. After a day, I received a confirmation that the seller has received my payment. It took another day before I got a reply from the seller.

I'm still waiting for any updates about my item and it has been two days now. Poor me.

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