Urgent: iPhone 3G S Or Ericsson T68

iPhone 3G S
Ericsson T68

My Ericsson T68 is still alive. iPhone 3G S has been released this month but I am still using Ericsson T68. It's now 2009 and more than seven years after the release of Ericsson T68, yet I am still stuck with it.

I have two reasons for sticking with Ericsson T68. First, Ericsson T68 has all the features that I needed in a phone: send/receive SMS/MMS and phone calls. iPhone 3G S has additional features that I clearly don't have use for. Second, Ericsson T68 is cheaper than iPhone 3G S.

Plus, I can place it anywhere I want. I can keep it inside my pouch. Then, I don't have to worry if I leave it unattended in a public place because no one will dare steal it. But if I own iPhone 3G S, Mr. Theft's eyes are all over my phone. I cannot place it inside my tiny pouch because of fear of blemishing it.

To give myself a peace of mind, I'd rather stick with Ericsson T68 than to please my cravings for iPhone 3G S... although I am saving money for iPhone 3G S.

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  1. Keeping your old phone makes absolutely good sense if it still performs like you want. Too many are buying the new phones just to say they have the latest. I think peer pressure plays a huge role in this as well. Good for You!

    Friends 4 Life!


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