Cheapest-Cheaper Airfare To New Zealand-- I Found One

As my desire to travel to New Zealand heightened, I started searching for the cheapest airfare from the Philippines to New Zealand. Unfortunately, there are no flights that would take me directly to New Zealand. Travel agents suggested taking Manila-Hong-Kong-New-Zealand route.

The Air New Zealand's HK$6,690 is the cheapest airfare I found so far. That offer has a travel period from March 1 to May 10, 2010.

South Piha Beach New Zealand

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After an estimated 10-hour flight from Hong Kong to New Zealand, I would definitely liven up my body soaking in the salted water of Piha—most famous surf beach in New Zealand.

Then, I would go catch some fish in the picturesque wilderness of Muriwai Beach. And party all night in one of the bars in Viaduct Harbour.

Ah, New Zealand… I wish you were just a few meters away from me.

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  1. hi jane :) i really wanna go to new zealand..can you please give me some advice how will i go there? i mean can you PLEASE,,please,,please give me some can i start?, what will i do?

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