Stuck at POST Screen Solution

Last week, my Windows-based desktop restarted itself while watching “Lady in the Water.” Although I’m used to my Windows 7 sickness, this time it was different. It was stuck at POST screen and would not load BIOS. I pushed the restart button. Same thing happened. Then I rebooted it, again. Nothing happened.

The first solution I got from the Internet using my laptop was to unplug everything which was connected to my desktop, except for the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

With only mouse, keyboard, and monitor plugged to my PC, it finally worked. The Windows 7 Welcome screen appeared.

According to, the probable reasons for computer sticking to POST screen are the following:
Bad Video Card
Bad Motherboard
And everything that is connected to the PC

I shut down my computer and reconnected everything. When I booted it, the problem was solved. It no longer stuck at POST screen. Whew!

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to get it to work again, but I think I'd be meticulous with backups of anything you want to keep. I've used Windows for years and never had that happen. Something may actually be in the breakdown stage and just working intermittently.

    Found you on Expose Your Blog.

  2. Hello Dirty Butter,

    Thankfully, I made backups for my important files.

    Agyaman-ak (thank you)for dropping by.


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