Sky Cable Digital Products—Sky Cable's Unique Way of Putting a Hole in My Pocket

SkyCable Goes Digital
"The Future is Clearer with SkyCable" says the slogan of the company.
Last week, I received a letter of "care" from the country's leading cable provider notifying me that effective October 1, 2010, my current subscription will be enhanced to a more digitally rate—from PHP 675 to PHP 750. The enhancement is caused by the introduction of the highest quality signal in cable TV and new programs.        
The highest quality signal comes from its digital signal through Digibox that has the following features:
Customizable channel line-up
On-Screen Electronic Program Guide
Child-Lock feature
Channel Surfing Organizer
The company describes its new channels as "latest exciting programs." But what is so latest about Fox Channel, AFC, Fox News, and Solar Sports? And what is so exciting about ETC, 2nd Avenue, Biography, and History channels? How about deleting those inutile channels, like Community Channel and Sky 77? Also, why Sky Cable packages do not have MTV Channel in it? Mayhap because Sky Cable is a sister company of ABS-CBN, a broadcasting corporation that also owned MYX channel (music channel). That means, if MTV steps into the package, the ratings of MYX will eventually go down to the bottom. What a fair competition.
Anyway, since I cannot stop being a subscriber of this cable company (my parents do not have anything to watch if I cease the subscription), I have no choice but to continue it. However, the package I will be signing up for is a product without Star Sports, HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, Hallmark, Australia Network, Solar Sports and Fashion TV. What an exciting package indeed…sigh.
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  1. a lopez money-making-cut-people-throat machine. the best is to boycott all their products.


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