Windows 7 Feature: Burn ISO Images Without Third-Party Software

Windows Disc Image Burner

It was already too late when I realized I have downloaded for three days an ISO (.iso file) image. My first option was to look for a CD DVD burner freeware. But I discovered that Windows 7 has the ability to burn ISO images directly within Windows 7 without installing third party program. This is just another advantage of using Windows 7, apart from the ones mentioned here.

Burn Disc Image option can be found by right-clicking on an ISO image. The Windows Disc Image Burner appears and provides you with option to burn the ISO image to CD or DVD.

I unchecked the “Verify disc after burning” because I did not have enough time to wait. But you can check this option if you want Windows to verify that the ISO image is burned correctly.

However, if you want to burn a more sophisticated ISO files, then you may want to install third party applications, like NERO. But the built-in Windows Disc Image Burner of Windows 7 worked perfectly fine for me.

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