Law Schools in the Philippines: The Top Performing Law Schools in the Philippines

Finding the best law schools in the Philippines is difficult. But you can narrow it down based on statistics.

Here are the top performing law schools in the Philippines based on the bar examination results from 2001 to 2011.

Ateneo de Manila University 89.03%
San Beda College 85.74%
University of the Philippines 79.84%
Ateneo de Davao University 64.99%
University of San Carlos 61.23%

Law schools in the Philippines that produce the most number of bar topnotchers:

University of the Philippines College of Law
Ateneo de Manila Law School
Philippine Law School
University of Manila
San Beda College of Law

Is law school for everyone?

A career as a lawyer requires many years of education and experience. Apart from knowing the best law schools in the Philippines, it would also be ideal to know if you really want to be a lawyer in the long run. By that it means you have to assess your own skills. Explore the life of a lawyer. You should also know your own unique needs. According to experts, pursuing a career as a lawyer may not be ideal for anyone, like me,  who is prone to migraine headaches. (Ugh! But I will beat the odds)

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