What is Earth Day? How to Celebrate World Earth Day?

What is Earth Day? World Earth Day is different from Earth Hour as the latter is being celebrated every last week of March while the former is celebrated every 22nd of April. This important event is observed in 175 countries, including the Philippines.

How to celebrate world earth day?

Choose to recycle bottles, cans and paper.

Use the front and back of print paper when producing internal documents. You may store sheets with print on one side to a bin and use them as needed.

Collect toner cartridges and other unique recyclables for proper disposal.

Plant trees or flowering plants in your yard.

Walk instead of driving your car when going to work. This will not only help you save money on gas but it will also save our environment.

Educate your friends and family about the relevance of World Earth Day and how to help Mother Nature.

Sell used electronics and other items to your neighbors instead of throwing them out. The proceeds can be used to pay for trees that you are going to plant during World Earth Day.

Switch to online bill payments, rather than the traditional way of receiving your bills.

Use energy efficient lights and turn them off when not in use.

Essentially, you can celebrate World Earth Day by showing your interest and awareness on how to solve environmental issues. You can opt to let others know about what they can do to save the planet earth. The above mentioned ways are just some of the things you can to to lighten the load on the environment, thereby, promoting a healthy ecosystem.

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