PlayStation 4: 5 Essential Details You Must Know

PlayStation 4 is coming out soon (I'm very excited of it) and here are the things you must know about this new PlayStation.

1. Orbis. 
This version has an official code name of Orbis. According to many experts, this code name might not have a chance to become popular.

2. PC. 
The overall system of this PlayStation will run on x86-64 AMD Jaguar CPU that comes with eight cores. It consists of 1.84 teraflop Radeon graphics processor and 8 GB of RAM. The 6xCAV Blu-ray drive will also stay.

Other specifications will include the following:
USB 3 
Analog AV out 
Digital Output

With these specs, PlayStation 4 is a big step up from its predecessor -- PS3.

3. DualShock 4 Controller. 
It comes with a more sensitive six-axis controller. For more precise control, it has analog sticks. The Select and Start are combined and placed into the Options button. A LED light bar is added to the front of the controller. This light bar can change depending on the game you are playing or the color of the character in the game you are playing.

4. Christmas
This PlayStation will be available on the market this Christmas. However, the exact date is not yet confirmed.

5. Share. 
This is one of the most essential upgrades of the PlayStation. By hitting the Share button, your game will be stopped to allow you to share the video or audio you are playing through social networking sites, like Ustream and Facebook. Sharing can be done in real time. With the new hardware, you can easily capture game screen shots and videos.

Unfortunately, Sony did not reveal the exact date of when it is going to hit shelves, how much it is going to cost and how exactly it will look like.

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