MacBook Pro: 5 Reasons I Chose This Laptop Over Other Options

What are the best things about MacBook Pro? 

Here are the many reasons why this laptop is the best choice (for me) over other laptops available.

1. Its has plenty of useful programs. One of the key programs that you must try is its Boot Camp. It allows dual boot environment letting you use either Mac or Windows. The iLife suite offers great value. Plus, you do not have to pay additional dollars to prevent your MacBook Pro from getting viruses.

2. It is powerful. Thanks to its Penryn architecture that offers great speed. It can run World of Warcraft and Counterstrike without encountering bumps, unlike Sony or Compaq.

3. Its overall design is excellent. It is lightweight weighing only 5.4 pounds. Its keyboard offers a great feeling each time you press it. Its backlit is also worth mentioning. Its beautiful glossy screen is also noteworthy.

4. I love MacBook Pro because of its sense of style. It is very simple yet elegant. It is sexy yet it looks very professional. Plus, it does not have extra buttons and displays that you rarely use.

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