MapQuest Driving Directions: What Can It Offer You?

MapQuest driving directions service is one of the most well-known sites that offer online maps. Over the years, the company has continued to provide its customers additional features and functionalities. Through its online maps, you can obtain proper driving directions, travel research and find the best place to refuel. With its international maps and compatibility with handheld devices, this service is a great tool for travelers.

Here are the other things you must know about this service: 

1. It has a very simple layout. Those who are not familiar with online maps can easily locate proper links to help them start using the maps.

2. It has a chock-full of helpful features. You can add markers, search for nearest businesses and view traffic information. You can even launch a 360-degree street view so you can effectively explore the area of that place at street level.

3. You can obtain effective driving directions using MapQuest. It has an "avoid" tool that lets you find an alternative to a certain route. The traffic button lets you view detailed traffic reports for the areas you have indicated.

4. It allows viewing of international maps. Although the international maps provide useful directions, they do not offer traffic information or allow 360 degrees views. When using international maps through MapQuest driving directions, you must specify the exact address you want to view.

5. You can transfer your paths to your cell phone.

6. It is very easy to use. Its main goal is to provide you accurate driving directions within the US.

7. The help and support is good. It has online user's manual and a FAQs page.

Because of MapQuest driving directions features, it has become a popular choice among users who want to use online maps.

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