Photoviewpoint: Getaway at Crocodile Park

This is Crocodylus mendorensis. "Rise and shine, crocy."
At Crocodile Park. Crocy: "Hmmp…""Where are you going?"

Crocy: "Leave me alone, will yah!?!"
Meanwhile… my sis holding/carrying a baby croc… (I didn’t dare. :-SS maybe next time)

There's a lot more you can do at Crocodile Park.
Please visit them at:
Davao Crocodile Park
Riverfront, Corporate City, Diversion Highway
Ma-a, Davao City 8000
Camera: Olympus uD600,S600
Photographer: janejane


  1. Wow ,your sister must be brave enough to hold the baby croc. I wouldnt dare to hold that creature bec Im so afraid especially snakes.

    Thanks for the comments from my site sis.

  2. @Umma...You're welcome. Yup, she's audacious enough to carry and hold it. Eek. :)


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