For Prince William

prince william,entertainment, celebrities, viewpoint publication,cutest prince Face of the week: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor

"How is it to be unnoticed by the person you notice most? It's as if you were offering your most beautiful portrait to a blind person."

prince william, cutest prince That's how I feel every time I see him.

"It's like walking to the other side of the classroom to sharpen my pencil just to see him and then I realize that my pencil is a ball pen."

Prince William, second in line to Britain's throne… that's my prince… wishing he would rescue me.

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  1. @roentarre... he's not cute. He's gorgeous...oh so gorgeous. :))

  2. Prince William is so good looking, I can't take off my eyes when looking even at his photos, really handsome, look like a model. Most of his look resemble late Princess Diana, his mother. And that's why is so gorgeous.

  3. @Lily Arbee... Yes, he is... that's all I can say. So gorgeous, so...awwww...

    Thanks for dropping by.

  4. he used to be really good looking...


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