2008 Nursing Licensure Examination: I was there

licensure examination[Flickr.com by The Mamosta]

It's been almost a week after the 2008 nursing licensure examination. I was there, as one of the proctors. I must admit that I had second thoughts on the idea of being a proctor because I know it's a big responsibility. But I still gave it a try.

I had fun. It was a bit exciting.

Watching the examinees answering made me smile while I remember the time when I took the board exam…

Looking at the ceiling to find some answers. Scribbling some notes on the test booklet. Circling, underlining, marking the options… looking at the board for the remaining time… scratching my head… trying to remember the page where I've read the information that might help in choosing the right answer… asking God to guide me in answering… talking to Him…

Those things… the examinees helped me remember them.

I've understood their feelings… the anxiety, the frustrations, the sleepless nights.

But the result made the sleepless nights all worthwhile when my name appeared on the list of board passers.

But then again, the result was not the end of it...instead it only marked the beginning of a long journey.

Unfortunately for nursing examinees, they have to wait for three months or so for the result.

Hmm, I wonder what they're going to do while waiting… apply for a job in a call center, perhaps.

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