Truth Or Lie

Working in a call center is a tough job.

An agent enables himself to communicate with different types of customers. Some are nice (familiar with phone etiquette) while others are simply uneducated.

If an agent is assigned to make outbound calls, he may hear a lot of excuses from the customers, like:

Sorry wrong number… (hang up)
Hello, can you speak a little louder please? Sorry, really I can't hear you, bye…
After an agent tells what company he is connected with, the customer hangs up…

This next one, I do not know if I can categorize this as an excuse or simply the truth:

Customer: Well, does your service enable me to call any penitentiary?
Agent: I think so, yes, ma'am.
Customer: Well, if you're not sure, I don’t think I need your service because all of my friends are in prison… and hangs up.

What do you think? Truth or a Lie?

But the truth is here are my top ten E-card droppers:

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10. SheaKoshan[dot]Net

And thanks to Rose Works Jewelry for being the first one to comment for the month of January.

Merci beaucoup

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  1. Hi, you were one of my top droppers in January and I included you in my "Thank You" post here:, take care, SY

  2. @Golden Prague... Thank you so much.

  3. i like the way you presented your droppers..hahah!




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