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Bike For Hope

I'm impressed with Senator Pia Cayetano's ability to speak in Visayan/Bisaya, when she was interviewed on Killer Bee while promoting the 8th Bike for Hope. Although she spoke in "broken Visayan/Bisaya" but still, she could converse in that dialect. Not all senators, who have been visiting Visayan/Bisaya-speaking regions a lot of times, would make an effort to learn the dialect.

Bike for Hope was organized by Senator Pia Cayetano and her siblings after the death of their father, Senator Rene Cayetano. All raised funds from this event will support indigent liver patients and assist unfunded health programs in public hospitals across the country.

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  1. galing namn ni pia..mabisaya pala ang senador huh?


  2. Sen. Pia Cayetano is also an environmentalist and an advocate for conserving our nature. Although she has not publicly joined an environmental organization, she has supported in some ways. I was employed before at Haribon Foundation and i hope you can visit their website and support their projects. thanks!

  3. @lemuel... Yup, she is. And I will visit the site but I think I already did before, but I'll revisit it and definitely support their projects.

    Thanks for droppping by.


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