Travel Philippines: Kayaking In Davao And Other Parts Of The Country

Sea Kayaking in Davao, Philippines

Davao, Philippines -- My brother-in-law went to Habagat to kayak. I couldn’t join them…because I wasn’t invited, LOL. Anyway, I may have the chance to kayak this April during our family get together.

Kayaking is, according to Wikipedia, the use of a kayak (a small human-powered boat) to cross the water. The sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades of the paddle are factors that can be likened to canoeing.

There are different types of kayaking. Whitewater kayaking (includes kayaking down the torrent of water) and sea kayaking or sometimes called ocean kayaking (involves kayaking out in the ocean or in the open water). Sea kayaking may take in short paddles of expedition that would last for many days.

Kayaking in Caramoan
There are several places in the Philippines where the adventure of kayaking is possible. Besides the gorgeous city of Davao, the Caramoan Peninsula gives kayakers exceptional surroundings. The Caramoan area is continually hit by typhoon. It is therefore a must for the adventurers to plan their exploration in the quiet months between December and June.

Kayaking in Palawan
This is a one beautiful place I haven't stepped into. Pity me. The islands that surround the Palawan present every tourist the greatest experience with the marine creatures. Overlooking from the limestone cliffs will give you a breathtaking view of the marine life. The uninhabited beaches provide campers extraordinary experience during their stay, plus the coral reefs that are far-reaching.

Siargao Sea Kayaking
The island of Siargao is considered by most surfers as the surfing capital of Mindanao. Furthermore, Siargao offers kayakers a first-rate adventure. Facing the Philippine trench is the deep blue sea and adjacent a tropical coast, which provides unmatched wave-running.

On the other side of the island is the uninterrupted space of virgin mangrove swamp. Its ecosystem is a breeding area for marine life coupled with salt-water crocodile.

Samal Island Kayaking
Habagat is situated in Samal Island. It is about two hours from the pier in Panacan, as told by my brother-in-law. But they had a great time amidst the long journey.

So if you want to spend your summer filled with adventure, why not go kayaking.

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  4. glad to find your site.i'm a Davaoeña too but i'm now based in Manila.reading your posts keeps me near home. =)

  5. Kayaking is one of the enjoyable activities you can try in the Philippines.


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