Goodbye For Now, Former President Corazon Aquino

Exactly 21 days before the 26th death anniversary of her husband Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., former Philippine President Corazon Aquino bid farewell to her life here on earth.

I don't have a vivid image in mind of what happened during her administration. I was so young then to understand.

Nonetheless, Corazon Aquino is considered by Filipinos as the icon of democracy. After the assassination of her husband Ninoy Aquino, Filipinos could no longer swallow the atrocities showed by the Marcos regime.

She and thousands of Filipinos gathered at EDSA to make the historical People Power Revolution, which led to the ejection of Ferdinand Marcos's 20-year administration.

Corazon Aquino may be gone by now, but her legacy will always remain. I may not have a clear picture of her regime, but I can remember my aunt, an avid supporter of Tita Cory, always wearing yellow shirt. Hmm, I think she had given me a shirt with Corazon Aquino's face printed in front. But as I mentioned earlier, I was so young to understand what's going on… so young to comprehend that the expulsion of the Marcos's presidency was the beginning of our freedom.

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