Travel Banaue: Where To Stay In Banaue?

After knowing how to get to Banaue

Where to stay in Banaue cannot pack your bags, just yet, without knowing where to stay in Banaue.

If you want to see cultural shows performed by the Banaue Heritage Dance Troop or witness performances of Ifugao Native Rituals, then the Banaue Ethnic Village and Pine Forest Resort is the right place for you. This place has included lecture on Ifugao culture and traditions.

If you want to be in a place where you can overlook the town proper of Bocos Village and Poitan Village, then you can have your online reservation to Banaue View Inn.

How about a place to stay in Banaue where you can just walk few paces away to the town market? Fairview Inn is the perfect place.

But if you want to find a place to stay in Banaue where you can have a panoramic view of the Hapao rice terraces and the Banaue rice terraces, the Hiwang Native House Inn will be your auberge.

Other hostelries you can stay in Banaue would include: Halfway Lodge and Restaurant, Ilob Village Inn, Las Vegas Lodge and Restaurant, People’s Lodge and Restaurant, Ramons’ Homestay, Sanafe Lodge and Restaurant, and Spring Village Inn.

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