Francis Xavier Manglapus to Speaker Nograles


Statement of Francis Xavier Manglapus

President of Lakas Kampi Christian Muslim Democrats

April 15, 2010

Will the real Speaker Nograles finally show up.?

I am glad that Nograles will consult with FVR. He seems to be lost and confused and he definitely needs some guidance and direction.

First he said he was bolting the party. Then he changes his mind. I suggest he first makes sure that another party would like to have him. At least the other political butterfly Gov. Zubiri made overtures first to the LP and when there was some apprehension from the ranks of the LP moved over to the NP.

Teodoro’s candidacy is based on a solid platform of government anchored on the core principals of the party, the values of the Centrist Humanist Christian –Muslim Democratic thinking. He started his quest for the presidency stating that he would run a positive campaign based on platforms and programs, this is the way he will continue and this is how he will end.

This type of politics is a fresh and welcome development to the political maturity of the party and the country as a whole. It is not the patronage type of politics, usually based on money and political opportunism, that many of our leaders have been used to. And this is why there is a groundswell of support from the non traditional sources, common citizens and volunteers from all walks of life from all around the country that have been energized by Teodoro’s quest.

If it is true that Lakas is collapsing, then the blame should be on others that have held the leadership of the party for so long. Obviously is was their fault that a firm foundation was not established.

Teodoro’s decision to relinquish the chairmanship was a management decision and it seems to be producing positive results as can be seen from the momentum that his campaign is generating and the competent leadership that the new Chairperson is displaying.

If Speaker Nograles does decide to make good on his plan to spend time putting together a rebel group within the party, we wish it is not at the expense of devoting less time on is local campaign, least he be accused of abandoning it ‘in the middle of the ocean filled with sharks’.

Teodoro has been campaigning all around the country and does not discriminate between big or small provinces. Over the past week he has been to Bicol, Bataan, Pampanga, Nueva Ejica, Negros and Iloilo . The smaller provinces that he has visited such as Guimaras and Camiguin is to express his deep appreciation to the governors there that are solidly behind his vision and program of government. Since the campaign started he has also not visited Sarangani. The defection of Gov. Cagas and Gov. del Rosario happened before Teodoro was even officially proclaimed as the party standard bearer. Obviously the good Speaker did not check his facts. He should focus on his campaign in Davao before advising the national campaign.

If the Speaker is serious about wanting to set the party in a different direction that I will make it easier for him by resigning the Presidency of the Party so that he can reclaim his leadership. Make my Day. I did not apply to become the President. There are other more competent members. But none wanted to take up the responsibility for variety of reasons. I accepted the challenge because of my belief in the candidacy of Secretary Teodoro.

It is the duty of the party to present to the public a candidate that is competent, has unquestioned integrity, and has all the potential to unite the country based on the type of campaign that he has conducted. Secretary Teodoro is doing the right thing. He’s leaving the NPC was due to mainly being more comfortable with the principles of Lakas Kampi CMD. I can only assume that Speaker Nograles left the LDP for Lakas also for the same reasons.

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