Callao Cave

Callao Cave

I wish I could visit this seven-chambered Callao Cave situated in the island of Luzon, specifically in Peñablanca, Cagayan. It has imposing limestone and other rock formations and skylights. Its first chamber includes a natural cathedral which has been transformed into a chapel through the initiative of the local people.

There are more than 300 pristine caves in the town of Peñablanca, including Sierra Cave, Quibal Cave, Odessa-Tumbali Cave System, Jackpot Cave, Roc and San Carlos Caves. Since 1977, the National Museum has been recording 75 of these caves.

Near the Callao Cave is the Pinacanauan River. The said river is perfect for rafting, kayaking, fishing and of course swimming. The mountains near the vicinity of Callao Cave are conducive for trekking and mountaineering. These are reasons enough for me to plan my trip to Peñablanca, Cagayan.

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