Philippine General Election

Philippine Presidential Candidates

My ears can finally rest from listening to the noise created by those jingles of politicians that aim to court us… “Tatak Nograles Nograles Karlo (derived from the tune of Nobody by Wonder Girls)”

My eyes can no longer see

…Villar’s political ads with children singing “Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap.”

… Or the no-platform-presentation-ad of Noynoy “…kayo ang aking lakas.”

Furthermore, I will never see the OA message of Vilma Santos’ “Noy, ikaw ang aming pag-asa” that showed her celebrity side.

Because today is the Philippine general election day. I will go out and exercise my right to suffrage.

My President

…I would go for the green wave or I might shade the circle beside Gordon’s name.

Vice President…

…Hmmm… Definitely, not Loren Legarda


…Mirriam Defensor Santiago is on top of my list.

For party-list?

… Wait, what’s the role of party-list again?

Anyway, I just hope that Filipinos would use their minds this time and would not vote for politicians simply because they are endorsed by popular celebrities.

Oh, by the way, I think it would be better to have a condescending ruler with a lot of achievements, like Gibo and Gordon, than to have a mentally depressed President, such as...

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