Christiano Ronaldo is not perfect after All

Ah, Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal National Team. He is one of the reasons I am hooked to FIFA World Cup. He is one of those guys I wanted to see in the middle of the night watching 2010 FIFA World Cup. I always love to see him taking off his shirt while on the field. I thought he was perfect, he is after all an Armani underwear model.

While I was browsing photos of him to show some to my friend (who doesn't know he is), I came across this photo:
Yes, the bronze and beautiful soccer guy Christiano Ronaldo has distorted and discolored toenail that might be caused by Athlete's foot. Am I disgusted with this photo? Partly…

But this I cannot forgive. Was he trying to hold the "balls" of Spain's Sergio Busquets while fighting for the ball? 

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