Birthstones: Gemstones and Their Corresponding Meanings

January is for Garnet. Gemstone Garnet protects the wearer from nightmares and guides him or her through the dark.

February is for Amethyst. Amethyst is said to improve the skin, to ward against baldness, and to protect the wearer from deceit. This gemstone is also associated with sobriety and tranquility.

Aquamarine in March. Making new friends is one of the roles of this gemstone. It is also linked to affection, love, hope and health.

Diamond is for April. Considered as one of the most popular gems, diamond is associated with love, strength and eternity.

May is Emerald. Emerald means health. It is also linked to the wearer’s magical reputation as he or she can foresee future events.  

Pearl in June. Regarded as an angelic birthstone, pearl is associated with chastity and modesty.

The Ruby in July means protection and harmony.

The Peridot of August was used to improve the healing abilities of drugs. It was also thought to protect the wearer from evil and night terrors.

Wearing sapphire of September implies faithfulness and honesty.

The Opal of October signifies purity, hope and innocence.

Once linked to strength by the ancient Greeks, the Yellow Topaz of November makes the wearer invisible while in dangerous situation.

Happiness, fortune and luck. No wonder Blue Topaz of December is a popular gem.

... this is to help me find the right gemstone for each of my gift recipients this Christmas.


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