Bambu Estate in Davao City: Affordable Home Yet Elegant

“Why rent an apartment or a house if you could own an affordable home with superior quality?” Those were the words I heard coming from the mouth of Bambu Estate’s sales force. Every mall here in DC has an exhibit of Kisan Lu’s Bambu Estate subdivision.

“Ma’am, we can accompany you for a free site tripping anytime,” one real estate agent said. So when I had the time, I signed up for a site tripping to see the place.

Bambu Estate subdivision, a garden-themed promoting green architecture, is located in Mintal, Davao City. It is approximately 30 minutes away from downtown, i.e. when the traffic is mild and you are riding in a private transportation or a cab. But if you are travelling in a public transportation, say a PUJ, it is another story.

Anyway, yes the travel time was too long but it was worth my time. I saw their house models. Both Hana and Yumi are Japanese-inspired house units.

Please play the video provided below to have a glimpse of Bambu Estate:

Hana is cheaper than Yumi. But it is only built with 2 bedrooms and 1 toilet and bath. If you choose Standard Hana (PHP 1.4M approximately $32,000), the interior of the house doesn't have floor tiles installed and closets in the 2 bedrooms. Deluxe Hana (PHP 1.5M or $34,000), on the other hand, is equipped with floor tiles and cabinets, plus it’s carport is finished with plain cement.

Yumi Standard (PHP1.7M or $38,636) has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, but no floor tiles and closets. While Yumi DeLuxe (PHP 1.9M or $43,181) has the same rooms as Yumi Standard has to offer. The only difference is that there are no floor tiles (plain cement finishing only) and closets (for the bedrooms).

The model houses of Bambu Estate are really appealing. But it is wrong for those agents to say that “everything that you see in there is included in the package, except for the appliances, beds, sofa, and dining set.” It is a lie. The model houses were just fully enhanced. They have fixtures, lights and mirrors installed in every corner of the house to make the small floor area (42 sq.m for Hana and 52 sq.m for Yumi) look bigger. The enhancements are, of course, excluded in the package.  

What really caught my eyes are the colors of the tiles plastered to the walls and floor of the bathroom. The contrasting colors are just a cozy sight.

However, I could not understand why Kisan Lu Lands Inc. (KLLI) keeps on advertising Bambu Estate as affordable when in fact the lowest price they offer reaches more than a million pesos. Then again, KLLI is known in DC as the best developer in terms of building high quality homes.

By the way, zen-themed Bambu Estate has the following facilities:

Swimming pool (which I love)
Basketball court (I don’t need this)
Guardhouse with security guards on duty

Sadly, it does not have a tennis court. :(

Anyway, I went home wondering where would I get PHP 1.4M. My only chance to own one Bambu Estate house and lot package is to win the super lotto jackpot prize of PHP 600M+ (approx $1.4M). Oh, how I wish I could be the next millionaire. But first, I need to buy a ticket for the super lotto.
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  1. thanks so very much for posting. I just looked at Bambu Estates myself. I wanted to know what the difference between standard and deluxe. Your blog answered my question. I also didn't know whether or not there'd be a swimming pool. Thanks again!