Google Translation: Its Uses and Limitations

Google translation is an online tool that you can use to come up with a pretty good translation about a certain word or phrases. Its translation method is more than just word by word translation. But, of course, there are still limits when using this tool.

When do you need Google translation?

Basic short phrases. I usually use it to translate birthday greetings from English to French to Mandarin Chinese. My ex utilized it when I sent him a romantic message written in French. I was amazed at how he responded correctly. Then, I realized he used the tools of Google to help him understand what I was saying.

Short articles and newspaper clippings. Google translation is also useful if you want to understand the articles you are reading that are written in foreign language.

Limitations of this tool

When I tried to use it to translate from Filipino to English, I got an inaccurate answer. For instance, when I typed in “magkano to, “ Google translated it in English as “much to,” which is far from accurate. In Filipino, “magkano to” means “how much is this?”

Google translation tool should also not be used to translate legal documents or scientific studies.

Regardless of its limitations, this tool offers a useful way to obtain the gist of materials written in a foreign language. In that way, you can have a little understanding about what is written. However, you should not use it if the content is very specific. Although Google translation is a useful online tool, you may still need to rely on a human translator who can give you an accurate translation of “pwedeng isa pa?”

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