How to a be a Celebrity?

Days ago, my friend and I discussed about how we can earn millions of pesos each year. Then, we thought of those celebrities who do not have talents yet they are rich and famous. Now, we are asking ourselves, “How to be a celebrity?”

Things to do on how to be a celebrity

How to be a celebrity tip #1. Move to big cities. Opportunities are in big cities. You will not be noticed by the right people while living in a rural area. Sadly, no one has noticed my presence and offer me an answer on how to be a celebrity, though I am living in urban area.  

How to be a celebrity tip #2. Prepare an impressive resume. It is given that resume is one of the many ways to help you succeed. It has to be impressive enough to compel those bosses in show business to hire you. My resume may be impressive but not ideal for the acting industry. Ouch!

How to be a celebrity tip #3. Attend workshops. There are various schools in the Philippines that offer training to hone your acting skills and help you become a professional celebrity.

How to be a celebrity tip #4. Find a manager. The role of your manager is to introduce you to big bosses in show business. He/she has the ability to talk to the right people to give you a significant role.

Finding ways on how to be a celebrity is not that easy. But the tips mentioned above can help you get started and may win the hearts of those individuals in the acting industry.

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  1. Its a very helpful tips for those who dream to become an artist. ^_^


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