Law Schools: The Importance of Attending Law Schools

Why law school is important when thinking of having a career as lawyer? In order to be a lawyer, you will need to pass a bar examination. Law schools will teach you everything that you need to know to pass the said examination and to practice as an attorney. Applying for bar examination has specific requirements and one of them is attendance to law schools.

For the bar examination

By attending law schools, aspiring lawyers can become eligible to take the bar examination. Attending law school and undergoing internship can help you prepare for the bar examination as they offer practical education. These two factors are also important in helping you learn the practice of law.

Graduate school

Law school degree is a form of graduate school here in the Philippines. This simply means that you need to have an undergraduate degree before you will be accepted in one of the law schools in RP. Undergraduate degrees may not always be relevant to the field of law but they are an advantage.

Length of time in law schools

It will take at least four years before you can become eligible for the bar. And another year to prepare for the examination. That would be five years of hardships. But I think it is all worth it especially if you pass the bar exam.

International lawyer

In order to work as a lawyer internationally, you need to complete additional certifications.

Law schools offer great opportunities for you if you want to pursue a career as a lawyer. But be sure to choose an accredited school to be allowed to sit for the bar examination.

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