The Summer Season: How to Spend the Summer Season

the summer

The summer season has already begun in the Philippines. It is a season of the year where students take a three-month break from school. For them, this could mean sleeping in late or waking up late. It is also a great time to have a family adventure. It could be a vacation in Palawan or Boracay. It could also mean scheduling a mountain climbing activity  to Mt. Apo during the Holy Week.

Other ways to enjoy the summer season

Family vacation. The summer season is a great time of the year where family members can have a vacation outside the city or the country. In order to make sure that the vacation will be as enjoyable as possible, it should be planned in advance. That means, you need to pack days before the date.

Family picnic. This activity is not that popular in the Philippines because of the lack of clean lake or park. Nevertheless, if you want to have a family picnic with your family during the summer season, you should prepare a gourmet menu, like grilled chicken paninis. You should bring toys, like Frisbees, in case your family members would like to play.

Barbeque party. You can enjoy the summer season without having to leave your house. This is possible by inviting your friends over to your house and have a barbeque party. You should consider exotic grilled foods. This would surely satisfy the tummy of your visitors.

If you are planning to spend the summer season here in the Philippines, you should not miss these places:

El Nido (Palawan)

Siargao Island (Surigao) 

Pearl Farm resort (Samal, Davao)

If you do not mind spending the summer season in a jam-packed beach, then by all means take a vacation trip  to Boracay.

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