Churches: 4 Ways To Capture The Most Beautiful Churches in the World

Simala Church in Cebu, Philippines

Churches are among man's interesting creations. If you are planning to go travel in various parts of the world to photograph the most beautiful churches, then you might want to consider the following tips recommended by experts. Keep in mind that capturing them with your SLR camera can be a challenge.
  • Be respectful. When photographing churches, you must be quiet. Remember that churches cater individuals who want to pray to the Lord Almighty. Their visit is part of their personal and spiritual journeys. Therefore, you must respect it by being quiet. So, you must set your camera in [S] mode. If you are planning to photograph someone who is praying, you should do whatever you can not to disturb him/her. Simply make yourself invisible. 
  • Do not take several minutes just to compose a shot. Remember that when you go travel and visit beautiful churches, you should not cause distraction to those who go there and pray. Before lifting your camera, you must have a composition in your mind so it will be easier for you to point and shoot. 
  • Mind your settings. The most beautiful churches in the world are usually dark. Therefore, you must know how to get a good exposure. Experts recommend setting your camera on high ISO. You may reduce grain of a shot by doing post-processing work. Use slow shutter speed. You may not be allowed to use a tripod while in a church. Therefore, you must know how to hold your SLR camera while capturing an image in a slow shutter mode. 
  • Find the light. Open windows are your best option for shot creation. 
Here are 10 most of the most beautiful churches you might want to visit when you go travel around the world. 
  1. Church of the Assumption of Mary in Slovenia
  2. Borgund Stave Church in Norway
  3. La Sagrada Familia in Spain
  4. Church on Spilt Blood in Russia
  5. Orthodox Church of Tornio in Finland
  6. Our Lady's Church Nuremberg in Germany
  7. Church of the Grotto in Manitoba
  8. Dumo di Milano in Italy
  9. Las Lajas Sanctuary in Colombia
  10. Simala Shrine in Cebu (picture above)
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