Digital SLR 1 Effective Way to Track Down Your Stolen Camera

If your digital SLR were stolen, you could easily recover it through This website was built by Matt Burns, a British software engineer. The idea came out when his own cameras were stolen.

Does this website work in finding stolen digital SLR? 
Yes, it does. The reason for this is that almost every digital photo has embedded data in it. It includes the serial number of the camera used to take those photos.

Can you find all stolen digital SLRs? 
Unfortunately, not. Although most major digital SLRs contain embedded data, Sony does not. Also, you cannot use it with Facebook as this photo-sharing site cannot be searched. On a brighter note, you can use it to search photos using Flickr.

Is this a great deal? 
Yes, it is. There are thousands of people in the world that utilize to help them track their stolen digital SLR. In fact, one owner has successfully tracked down his pricey camera three years after it was stolen.

By the way, this website is not only effective in finding stolen digital SLRs but it also works with major digital cameras.

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