The Everest: 4 Must-Have Things That You Need in Your Kit

The Everest is the highest peak in the world. Conquering it is one of the things that motivate a mountaineer. Unfortunately, it is not easy to reach to the top.

The best time to climb the Everest is in May because it offers favorable weather for a few days. If you are a mountaineer and planning to be on top of the world upon reaching this highest peak, these are the tools that you must have in your kit.
  1. Oxygen mask and reservoir bottle. The mask has two purposes: for pure oxygen and for ambient air. It also contains an exhaust valve that allows the mountaineer to breathe out of. The reservoir bottle will be filled when the mountaineer exhales. This is to maximize the oxygen being drawn in. 
  2. Full down suit. This will keep the mountaineer warm and dry in going to the summit. You will have a problem with this suit when you need to go to the toilet. 
  3. Double boots. They consist of inner boots and an outer plastic shell. The former can be installed with electric boot warmers. 
  4. Climbing harness and device for ascending. They allow the climber to climb fixed ropes that have been set up as they ascend.