Trip Advisor Tarsier: 4 Things You Might Not Know of Tarsiers

Trip advisor describes tarsier as the one of the rarest and endangered species on earth. The Philippine tarsier (Tarsius syrichta) is known as the smallest monkey in the world. Before, tarsiers inhabited rainforests all over the world. These days, they only exist in the Philippines, Borneo and Indonesia.

The Philippine tarsiers struggle to survive in the island of Bohol because their home is being cleared for poaching and crop growing. Through the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, they can freely move without fear of being killed in their 7.4-hectare home, called Tarsier sanctuary, in the land of Corella, Bohol.

Things You Might Not Know Of Tarsiers

  1. They are nocturnal animals. They sleep in the morning and awake at night. Hence, they should not be disturbed during the day. 
  2. They should not be caged. A single tarsier needs 1 hectare of space to survive. 
  3. If they are held in captivity, they may commit suicide, which can be caused by trauma from the loud noises they hear. Touching them may also traumatize the tarsiers.
  4. They should not be fed with meat. Their main food is insects.
Ways to preserve their population

  1. Do not keep them as pets. 
  2. Do not buy them in the pet market. 
  3. Do not hunt, kill or smuggle tarsiers
  4. Do not patronize outlets that display illegally-acquired tarsiers
Exactly how small a tarsier is? This creature with grayish-fur is about 100 millimeters (3.93 inches) in height.
Actual size of a tarsier

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