Go Travel: 4 Tips to Help You Pack Light

Packing light is very essential when you go travel. A good traveler can be measured by how light he/she travels. But how are you going to pack light when you go travel?
  • Use one bag only. You must only bring a carry-on-size bag that is 20 pounds heavy. Make sure that it fits under airplane seats or overhead bins. You may test yourself if you can go travel with just one bag by going into your hometown and being a tourist for an hour. You must pack up as if you are traveling somewhere. You must go window-shopping using that bag. If you cannot withstand it, thin things out when you go home. 
  • Bring little. Regardless of the number of days, weeks or months you are going to travel, you must pack light.   You must bring very little and avoid packing for the worst case scenario. 
  • Choose backpack or rolling bag. It really depends on which type of bag you are comfortable with. A convertible backpack/suitcase is an ideal choice if you want mobility. 
  • Opt to bring less. Instead of bringing all your clothes stored in your closet, you must opt to bring less and choose to wash more often. Do select clothes that do not wrinkle or that look good wrinkled. 
Photo source: theadventurecorner.explorerscorner.com
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