Grand Hotel: 5 Things You Must Do While Staying in a Grand Hotel

In my last post, I talked about the things that you should avoid when staying in a grand hotel while you go travel. Today, I will discuss about some of the do's, which are provided by experts, that you can do to make your stay as memorable as possible.
  1. Do tell your room preference when making a reservation. If you want double bed, pool view and other things you demand, then you should tell it to the staff during your reservation and not after you have arrived. Be very specific when making a grand hotel room reservation. It could be a hassle for the hotel staff if you only make your demands after you have arrived. 
  2. Do demand for free Internet and water. If the hotel you are staying has WiFi connection, then you must ask for it. 
  3. Do use the double and the latch all the time. This is to avoid unauthorized access to your room. 
  4. Do tip the housekeeper and bellman with a reasonable amount. You can give the housekeeper $5 a day but not less than that. 
  5. Do ask for 2 wake-up calls. This is especially important if you have an urgent meeting tomorrow and you cannot afford to be late. Wake-up calls may also save your life if you have a certain disease that puts you at risk of experiencing coma. 
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